Island Dreamz Radio

After almost 10 years of bringing you the best in TropRock music and Live events from around the country, Island Dreamz Radio will be taking a sabbatical from the airways and webwaves. Our last day of normal station programming will be Monday, March 31, 2014. Currently we have no time-frame for our return.

We ask you to join us for one last LIVE broadcast, Sunday, March 30th, at 8:00PM eastern, to celebrate the fun and friends we’ve made throughout the years.

We’d like to thank the artists, fans, and friends who’ve made Island Dreamz the fun it’s been.

Island Dreamz WILL return, in the meantime, our website, FaceBook Page, and Twitter will all still be active. Keep in touch with each other and us, and watch for our return announcement sometime in the future!

About Island Dreamz Radio

TropRock is a genre of music that deals with Tropical Fixations. If it has a tropical feel and tells stories about far off islands, sand and sun, tiki bars, ocean breezes, boat drinks or anything else that involves hanging out with your toes in the sand, you could call it TropRock. It roots come from multiple genres including Rock, Country, Jazz, Reggae, Cajun, Pop and more. The most famous of TropRock artists of course is Jimmy Buffett. His music and stories have influenced “Parrotheads” of all ages and from all over the world. But that’s just the starting point.

The TropRock sound has been around for a while but has recently exploded on the independent music scene thanks to the popularity of artists such as Jimmy Buffett, Kenny Chesney, The Zac Brown Band, and many others. There are thousands of singer-songwriters all over the world who are not content to just play “Margaritaville” or “Come Monday” all night long. These independent artists have struck out on their own to add their own spin to the TropRock thing. Now their music and their stories keep our feet in the sand, a cold drink in our hand, and the ocean and sun in our heart

Many of these independent artists have a strong local or regional following. Island Dreamz Radio began broadcasting June of 2004 as Radio JimmyDreamz, and changed to our new name in 2009. Our goal of bringing their music to TropRock fans all over the world and turn local favorites into nationally recognized artists hasn’t changed. We hope you enjoy their music as much as we do. If you do enjoy the music we play, please support these artists by seeing them perform live and buying their music. You can find their websites on our “Artists” page. Thanks for stopping by!

"Big Ed" - Ed Meyer

As a student of radio and television production, Station Founder Ed Meyer felt the idea of creating a radio station catering to the musical tastes of “Parrot Heads” was an appealing challenge. After several nights of music and tequila in Key West, Jim and Ed came up with the original idea for a station. And in July of 2004, Radio Jimmydreamz became a reality. Shortly after, our first ever live broadcast took place in Manistee, MI, and included music from Tim Krause, Jack Mosley and Caribbean Blue.

"Captain Jim" - Jim Gay

Co-Founder “Captain” Jim Gay is the creator of the Original Jimmydreamz website first created in 1996. A true “Parrot Head”, Jim originally created Jimmydreamz as a one-stop source for all things related to Jimmy Buffett, including information on tour dates and rumors, pre-concert info, and a ticket exchange with a strict NO SCALPING guideline. In it's day  Jimmydreamz was the source for all things Tropical, with info about Jimmy Buffett, you’ll find information about “phlockings” all over the country.

"Key West Kate" - Kate Meyer

Kate stumbled upon the JimmyDreamz family in 2008. A free-spirit with a serious wanderlust, Kate escapes as often as she can to many of our live events. Not only can Kate be seen hauling equipment for the station and the bands, but as Promotional Director she helps keep everyone (including Ed) up to date on station happenings, helps maintain the station’s social network presence and helps with administrative duties. Sometime’s she’s found staring blankly at the sound board, running cables, or dancing in front of the stage.